Are you curious? Do you read how to books just for fun? Are you always wondering “how do they DO that?” Are you always interested in leaning about new projects and new things you can make- from art and needlecrafts to sculpture and woodworking or whatever else catches your eye?

If that’s you, then come along for a creative, curious and whimsical walk with me.







If you want to know more (way more,) here’s a time line:


  • The beginning – Earned a BS in Chemistry
  • A couple of years – Worked as a chemist, decided this was not the life for me, went back to college for an accounting degree.
  • While still in college – Bought a needlework shop, resurrected it from near death.
  • In the meantime – Received BS in Accounting and became a licensed CPA.
  • The next step – Sold the store and took a regular job at a local accounting firm.
  • A few years more – Found out that I’m a better owner than employee, left the firm with a partner and founded a firm: Harris & Satterfield, P.A.
  • In the ensuing years – Managed the firm as well as developing needlework patterns and authoring knitting and crochet books.
  • About a decade later – Sold my interest in the now quite successful firm to fully pursue design and writing.
  • Since then to now – Authored books for a total of three and wrote numerous magazine articles as well as continuing to market design and artwork.
  • Now – Creating Content for professionals at ShinyDesigns.com, and creating pretty much everything else here.