Flowers and Food – A Day in May

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Here’s what caught my eye this morning in the yard and garden (the yard-en, perhaps?)

Red Geranium
These geraniums are from a day or two ago but they’re so enthusiastic, I had to include them. The plant is several years old and is in a worn-out galvanized metal bucket that I drilled a few holes in to use as a planter. It’s time to repot.

On to the food! These bananas are the first I’ve ever grown for myself. I don’t know the variety of the plant as it was a gift from a friend who was thinning his patch. They’re dwarf plants (12 – 15 feet) and the fruit is the lady-finger style banana – not at all like the supermarket version. These little bananas are sweet and aromatic in a way Chiquita could never touch! Too bad they don’t ripen faster when you check on them frequently.

The last of today’s highlights: Look at these monster bell peppers! These are growing on a single potted plant on my patio. I like mine red so I’m going to leave them to ripen though I may have to cover the whole thing with bird netting as they start to color.

What’s growing and going-on in your yard-en this fine day?

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  1. Not much! My rosemary looks like it’s barely hanging in there and the basil seeds that sprouted got blown over due to weak stems by the wind yesterday. My trees are green though. Living in the desert, rurally, I pretty much watch all the bloggers post pics of their green yardens!

    • Monette Satterfield says:

      Rosemary grows really well for me – I’ve found a place in my garden that suits it and have about four plants, from one to several years old, in that area. The really old plant died a few years ago when we had four hurricanes and it stood in water for a bit.

      I’ve not visited the desert much, but some places I’ve seen were really beautiful in a wild, stark way. I’ll bet it takes getting used to!

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