I’ve had a lifelong interest in working with needle and thread to create – things both useful and whimsical!

Singer Model 66

Singer Model 66

I recently came into possession of a 1929 Singer Model 66 Treadle Machine. It had belonged to my next door neighbor, Mrs. Dillinger, when I was young and, unknown to me, my aunt had bought it. My cousin kindly asked me if I wanted the machine when it was time to find it a new home. Click for More

I have a beaded rock. Now that’s not something everyone has and I’m pleased to own one. It’s a small rock, about the size of a wild bird egg but thicker in the middle. In its old life, it was a smooth river washed pebble of unknown color. Click for More

In case you’re wondering if I’m knitting right now – of course I am! I’m just not talking about it much. Here’s the sleeve bottom of a cropped cardigan with three quarter length sleeves started almost a year ago.

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