Portrait and Color Study for Swap

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 This is a portrait of Nadine (her blog here). We did a portrait swap where we each worked from a photo (which I have misplaced or it would be posted too -sorry!) of the other person. It was both interesting and challenging for me as I don’t normally use this type of photo and had not seen her in person. It’s amazing what you learn about someone’s face!

It’s watercolor, 8 x 10, Arches cold press with a touch of colored pencil here and there to finish. Three colors used, all Winsor & Newton – Ultramarine Violet, Permanent Rose and Winsor Lemon. The scan has obliterated some detail in the eyes.

When I do these portraits, I often do a small (5 x7) color and pattern study concurrently to help me work out the details. That’s here:


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  1. kazumiwannabe says:

    Light shines through this portrait! It’s great – love the way you did the eyes too.

  2. Deb says:

    Beautifully done! Love the colors you’ve used.

  3. freebird says:

    Wow. It’s terrific. It’s more than a portrait.

  4. Monette Satterfield says:

    Thanks everyone!

    Nadine has very distinctive eyes and it was a challenge to get them right.

    I appreciate the thought that it’s more than a portrait. That’s very encouraging.

    I only used three colors here because I’m purposely trying to create a more cohesive color strategy. Thanks for noticing.

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